๐ŸŒˆController Skins

Controller Skins allow you to customize the look and feel of Delta to your tastes. Delta comes preinstalled with default skins for all systems and orientations, but users can import their own skins to customize Delta how they want!

Importing Skins

You can import new skins by tapping the '+' button in the game library and choosing 'Files'

You can also import new skins by selecting a system under the 'Controller Skins' list in settings. All skins will be in the .deltaskinformat.

Community Made Skins

You can search online for skin files from some of our talented users - here are some of our favorite places to easily download skins from:

If you would like to learn how to make your own skin, we highly recommend checking out this resource - https://noah978.gitbook.io/delta-docs/skins

Changing Skins

Once you have imported any skins files you would like to use, they will appear as a list of options in the 'Controller Skins' menu for your chosen system. Tap the orientation you wish to change and then select from the skins you have imported.

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