Release Notes

Delta 1.5

February 20, 2024


Local Multiplayer (thanks Ian Clawson!)

  • Play multiplayer NES, SNES, and N64 games with friends
  • Supports up to 4 players

AirPlay Support

  • Stream your games to the big screen with AirPlay
  • [DS] Layout screens horizontally or vertically on TV
  • [DS] Optionally AirPlay just top screen for true multi-screen experience


  • Raised deployment target to iOS 14.0


Delta Sync

  • Automatically resolves Cheat + ControllerSkin sync conflicts
  • Syncs GameSave.sha1 hash between devices to prevent redundant uploads
  • Displays activity indicator when signing in
  • Delays seeding Delta Sync database until initial sync
  • Delays sync until after interactive Settings dismissal has completed
  • Uses local modification date when uploading changes
  • Saves change token to disk immediately after fetching remote changes
  • Deauthenticates existing service when switching services
  • Improved error message when remote storage is out of free space (Dropbox only)
  • Added detailed logging to help debug issues
  • View complete error log by pressing "Export Error Log" in Settings

Non-MFi Controller Support

  • New default mappings for single Joy-Cons and Switch NES/SNES controllers
  • Uses Logo/Home button as Delta pause button if controller has one


  • Revised UI to use modern "inset grouped" style
  • Uses large titles where appropriate


  • Updates GoogleSignIn dependency to 5.0.2
  • Removes Fabric + Crashlytics dependencies


  • Replaces UIDocumentBrowserViewController with UIDocumentPickerViewController on iOS 17+
  • Skips checksum verification when importing zipped games
  • Adds "Learn More" links to FAQ thoughout the app
  • Displays "Touch Screen" instead of "iPhone" or "iPad" when using touch controls
  • Includes Delta Sync authentication error information in detailed error log
  • Switches to weak references for EmulatorCore + VideoManager gameViews
  • Adds GameView.isEnabled to enable/disable rendering per-GameView


Delta Sync

  • Fixed "Harmony.sqlite couldn't be opened" sync error when there are more than 1000 games
  • Fixed "file does not exist" sync error after restoring previous version
  • Fixed Delta Sync switch remaining OFF if users cancels "Disable Syncing?" warning alert
  • Fixed incorrect mass conflicts when signing out then back in
  • Fixed missing references to remote files when signing out then back in
  • Fixed queued syncs sometimes fetching outdated changes
  • Fixed accidentally using wrong account when signed-in to multiple services
  • Fixed issue causing Harmony to skip seeding database, potentially overwriting local data with old remote data
  • Fixed incorrectly marking some game saves as conflicted during initial sync
  • Fixed accidentally signing-out after signing-in to previous Google Drive account


  • Fixed incorrect font size for some labels
  • Hides "Haptic Feedback" section on iPad


  • Fixed accidentally deleting Games directory during sync in rare circumstances
  • Fixed GridCollectionViewCell "Unable to simultaneously satisfy constraints" runtime error

Delta 1.4.2

September 19, 2023
  • Fixed crash when loading save states on iOS 17
  • Fixed displaying system name in dark text when remapping inputs on iOS 17

Delta 1.4.1

May 10, 2023
  • Fixed translucent controller skins becoming opaque after rotating device
  • Fixed incorrect controller skin thumbstick size after rotating device

Delta 1.4

February 28, 2023


CheatBase (thanks Noah Keck!)

  • View and add all known cheats for supported games
  • Read cheat descriptions, including how to activate them (if needed)
  • Groups cheats by category for easier browsing
  • Limited to DS games for now, but will be expanded in the future

“Respect Silent Mode” setting

  • When enabled, Delta will only play game audio when your device isn’t muted
  • Automatically mutes game audio if another app is playing audio

“Contributors” screen

  • See everyone who has contributed to the Delta codebase on GitHub
  • View associated Pull Requests/GitHub repos for contributed features


  • Supports controller skins with new `placement` parameter
  • Supports controller skins with custom screens that don’t have explicit `outputFrame`
  • Adds Shane Gill to Credits


  • Automatically pauses + resumes emulation when switching between foreground apps with Stage Manager
  • Uses modern menu UI when importing games
  • Updated icon for "Copy Deep Link" action when sharing a game


  • Fixed error sharing games via certain share methods
  • Fixed exporting save files for games with names containing special characters
  • Fixed potential crash rendering game screen after changing EAGLContext
  • Fixed incorrect game screen frame when software keyboard appears on iOS 16
  • Fixed software keyboard sometimes appearing when not emulating anything
  • Fixed keyboard controller appearing when another controller is active
  • Fixed using Xbox controller analog sticks as D-pad inputs
  • Fixed remapping analog sticks
  • Fixed re-activating held inputs
  • Fixed duplicate inputs when re-activating discrete held input
  • Fixed incorrect font size for Credits section in Settings