Overview of the Settings in Delta

You can access Delta's settings by tapping the icon in the top left of Delta's main screen.


Here you can change which controller you would like to play with and customize the button mappings for each system.

For more info on using controllers with Delta, see Controllers.

Controller Skins

Here you can change the default controller skin for each system.

For more info on using skins with Delta, see Controller Skins.

Controller Opacity

This controls how translucent controller skins appear (if supported by the skins).

Haptic Feedback

This toggles haptic feedback on/off when pressing buttons or moving the control stick.

Delta Sync

Enable Delta Sync to sync your games and save data between devices.

For more info, see Delta Sync.

Haptic Touch/3D Touch

Home Screen Shortcuts

Long press the Delta app icon on your home screen to quickly launch a game. You can change whether you'd like the quick-launch options to be your most recently played games or ones you've specifically selected.

Context Menu Previews

This toggles whether Delta will show a preview of a game or save state when long-pressing.

If Delta crashes when long-pressing a game or save state, toggle off Context Menu Previews to ensure the context menu still appears.

Core Settings

This is where you can access any system-specific settings, such as importing Nintendo DS BIOS files.

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