I have AltStore installed, but I still can't download Delta

If you are having problems downloading Delta, please be sure to check through the AltStore connection troubleshooting guide.

Importing + Playing Games

Where do I get games from? I thought I could get them from Delta.

Unfortunately we are not able to distribute games from Delta directly. We suggest you do your own search to learn about how to get game files. You can see the list of file formats to look out for on our Importing Games page.

I put a game in my library, but when I go to play it either doesn't run at all or freezes at certain points. What do I do?

If everything else is fine, but you are having trouble with running a game, try downloading from another source first to make sure that the file you are trying to run is not altered. Some ROMs may be corrupted and you will run in difficulties while trying to play them with Delta.

If you are attempting to play a "ROM Hack," you may have trouble. While many "ROM Hacks" will run perfectly fine on Delta, some larger hacks may require you to run with additional software.

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